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Sangeeta began her interior design career in 2010. She offers a full range of design services allowing her to work on a variety of projects whether a single room or a complete residence for remodeling, renovations or a new construction.   She has an extensive network of  architects, contractors, artists and vendors to collaborate with to provide interior design solutions from early planning stages through furnishings. 


She has a detailed oriented thoughtfulness that is apparent in her projects. Sangeeta has the expertise to create a variety of interior environments that maybe contemporary, transitional or modern.  As an underlying  philosophy, she strives in understanding the characteristics of the space and draws inspirations from the outside environment to mimic picturesque views or bring in lavish textures that would make the interior environment unique.  


Her interest for travel has been influential in her sense of style.  She constantly seeks for unique and contemporary inspirations for her future projects.


Prior to the establishment of IN CHIC DESIGNS, Sangeeta has earned her master’s degree in Business Administration and worked a variety of financial management positions in various corporations. She is also actively involved in helping communities and non-profit organizations throughout the bay area and beyond. She serves on the board of directors on some of them.  

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